Aplikasi Islami Android 2012

Pemanfaatan smartphone untuk meningkatkan kualitas ibadah kita dewasa ini sangat memungkinkan apalagi guna mendukung ibadah dibulan suci Ramadhan, salah satunya dengan memanfaatkan aplikasi-aplikasi yang kita install didalamnya, berikut beberapa aplikasi islami untuk OS Android yang sudah pernah kami coba pakai di tahun 2012:

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Berikut beberapa Aplikasi Islami Android:
1. Quran Tajweed
Beautify your recitation and add color to your life with this color coded Mushaf Tajweed. This is the Holy Quran with color coded Tajweed, which are the rules of recitation. Each of the pages of this Mushaf feature color highlighted verses which will help you properly pronounce the Quran and improve your recitation.
While this is the first version of this application, it offers several cool features such as:
* High quality, easy to read Quran text
* Full Arabic text for phones without native Arabic support
* Seekbar for easy navigation of the Quran
* Quran Index organizing Surahs by Juz
* Support for bookmarking multiple pages
* Support for landscape rotation for zoomed reading
* Never forget where you left off because the application will always remember the page you were on just before exiting
And if you stick around I plan to add many more features in the future, including recitation!
Please not that it may take 10 minutes for the Mushaf to load up when first launched.

2. SimpleSalat

SimpleSalat focuses on providing accurate prayer times and precise Qiblah direction readings for Muslims.  SimpleSalat calculates prayers times and will notify the user when it is time to pray! SimpleSalat calculates prayer times based on current location and will automatically recalculate times when location significantly changes.

-Simple interface. Graphics and design courtesy of Adnan Hussaini (www.adnanhussaini.com)
-Lightweight. SimpleSalat is VERY tiny in size.
-Prayer time calculator. Accurately calculates all five prayer times and alerts the user when it is time to pray!
-Qiblah finder. Precise and responsive compass points you in the right direction! Adjusts for True Magnetic North to ensure accuracy.
-Display Hijri date
-Automatic location detection. Perfect if you travel! SimpleSalat will detect the new location and automatically calculate prayer times for the new locale.
-Prayer Time table widget. Allows you to see prayer timings right on your home screen.
-Supports 6 different calculation methods
-Supports Shafi and Hanafi madhabs
-Supports playing Adhan at the time of prayer
-Set notification preferences for each prayer
-Set reminder for each prayer
*Please manually uninstall any other versions of SimpleSalat before installing this*

*. update soon

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