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New form features coming in QGIS 2.0

What’s new in QGIS 2.0 Please note that this is a release in our ‘cutting edge’ release series. As such it contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over QGIS 1.8.0. We recommend that you use this version over previous releases. This release includes hundreds of bug fixes and many new features and enhancements that will be described in this manual. Also compare with the visual changelog at User Interface New icon theme : We have updated our icon theme to use the ‘GIS’ theme introducing an improved level of consistency and professionalism to the QGIS user interface. Side tabs, collapsable groups : We have standardised the layout of tabs and introduced collapsible group boxes into many of our dialogs to make navigating the various options more easy, and to make better use of screen real estate. Soft notifications : In many cases we want to tell you something, but we don’t want to stop your work or get in your way. With the new notification s